Special Baggage

Gulf Air has the pleasure in carrying your Special baggage, sporting equipment or musical instruments as part of your free baggage allowance. Normal excess baggage charges will apply if you exceed your free allowance. Each item must not exceed the maximum single piece weight of 32 kg or the following dimensions 190 cm (79in) x 75 cm (29.5in) x 65 cm (25.5in).

The allowable items are described as follows:


Cardboard boxes

Normal excess baggage charges will apply if you exceed your free allowance. Cardboard box must not exceed the maximum single piece weight of your free allowance

Cardboard box dimensions should not exceed: Length 46cms (18ins) x Height 46cms (18ins) x Width 46cms (18ins)

Zamzam Water

Each passenger can carry up to a maximum of 5 KGs of Holy Water and this is only accepted as checked-in luggage. Each container must be wrapped/packed securely by the company allocated to do this at the departure area in the airport before the check-in. The 5 KGs container will be carried free of charge, on any Gulf Air flight departing from Saudi Arabia, in addition to the free baggage allowance. 


One non-motorized bicycle, which must be placed in a specially designed protective bag, case or cardboard box. Please note Gulf Air will not supply bicycle boxes. Pedals must be removed, handlebars fixed in line with the frame and tyres must be deflated to avoid potential damage. The bicycle box, not exceeding 15 KGs, will be carried free of charge in addition to your free baggage allowance.

Golf Clubs

One golf bag containing one set of clubs, balls, one pair of golf shoes and one umbrella, which all must be held within a specially designed golf travel bag. The golf bag, not exceeding 15 KGs, will be carried free of charge in addition to your free baggage allowance.

Ski Equipment

Snow boards: one snowboard plus boots in a purpose designed board bag. 
Snow skis: one pair of skis and poles in a purpose designed ski bag plus one pair of ski boots in a boot bag.

Surfboards and Windsurf boards and sails; kayaks and hand gliders

Gulf Air shall accept these items as long as each piece does not exceed 32 kg and are within the dimensions set for extraordinary baggage 190 cm (75”) x 75 cm (20.5”) x 65 cm (25.5”). We are not able to accept larger dimensions of items as checked baggage. Gulf Air will be happy to carry them as cargo in these circumstances. Please visit Gulf Air Cargo for details.

SCUBA Diving Equipment

The Scuba divining equipment should contain one empty cylinder tank
and harness, one regulator, one tank pressure gauge, one mask, snorkel, a pair of fins, one
buoyancy control device (BCD), one Diving lamp (disconnected or battery removed). Please note the
cylinder must be empty, with the regulators removed and the valves in the open position.

Paragliding and Parachuting

Paragliding: one canopy/wing, one harness and one helmet packed into a rucksack.
Parachuting: one parachute properly packed, which will be loaded in the hold.
They are not permitted in the cabin.


One board and sail in a bag.

Ten pin bowling

Purpose designed bowling ball bag containing a maximum of 4 bowling balls.


 Sticks, balls and pads carried in a purpose made kit bag (equipment bag).


One racket kit bag containing rackets and balls.


 One equipment bag containing one bow, one quiver and arrows.


Two rods, one reel, one pair of fishing boots, one tackle and one landing net.

Musical Instruments

Packed in a purpose designed travel bag and adequately protected.


Maximum of 50 inches TV is allowed in the checked-in luggage. Larger sizes should be shipped through Cargo.

Gulf Air will make every effort to accommodate your sporting equipment and musical instruments. However, on very rare occasions, due to operating restrictions, we may not be able to carry them. You can always contact us for Pre-travel Query.