Sky Chef

Five-star service by Gulf Air Sky Chef

One of the enjoyable benefits of travelling in Falcon Gold is the special treatment you receive from our Sky Chef. In addition to the warm and friendly service from our cabin crew, Gulf Air service goes the extra mile to provide you individual attention from our inflight Sky Chef.

Having trained at some of the world's top hotels, our team of over 100 Sky Chefs introduce a fine dining experience. All the refinements of a five-star restaurant, but with unparalleled views at 35,000ft.

Once you've had a chance to browse our newly enhanced menu, the Sky Chef will come and discuss the options and how you would like your choice served. 

Dishes range from a delectable range of appetisers, a choice of European and Middle Eastern dishes combined in a contemporary style and the ever-popular Arabic mezze selection. 

When you've made that difficult selection, the Sky Chef will then prepare it for you personally, as well as recommending an accompanying beverage from our Sky Cellar. There're all the usual soft drinks, plus excellent wines, spirit and, of course, vintage champagne.

After your entrée, you can indulge in a fresh cheese platter or, if you've room, one of our Sky Chefs' delicious desserts. A tea or coffee to finish, and it's the perfect meal.

This exclusive personalised service is available on Gulf Air's long haul flights.